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Ministry Leaders Day

Day One

God's plan for Something Bigger

Genesis 11:27–12:3

Day Two

A Heart for Something Bigger

Jonah 1–4

Something Bigger in Practice

Revelation 7:9–17, John 12:20–26

Day Three

Road to Something Bigger [*Larger]

Luke 9:18-26 [write out full verse]
[Note structure - add from program]

Coming in a Good Way

Revelation 7, Acts 15:1–35, Acts 10

Bonus Content

Click on the button below to view SUTS+ bonus content, including an exclusive talk from Peter Rodgers, a Zoom call with Wendy Quay, and videos of missionaries on location.


Join us for SUTS Youth online!

Julie-Anne Laird's energetic and inspiring talks await you!


Click here to view the content. 

This year, get ready for a wonderful program, focusing on the new creation with a new heaven and new earth, the great multitude from every tribe and every tongue, and the great banquet with God forever.

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Sharing God’s story through stained glass windows


Every day visitors from around the world come into St Paul's cathedral and look at the windows.
Every window tells a Bible story… could you become a storyteller?


Evensong 6 March 2022 |  4pm

Each year the CMS community comes together at St Paul’s Cathedral to celebrate God's work in his world.

This year we'll hear how he has been at work in the Window Storytelling Ministry, and spend time praying for that those who come to Melbourne would hear the good news of Jesus and come to follow him. Please join us!

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