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Check out Julie-Anne's fourth talk here:

Mission mindset

Today you are going to be thinking about what is a missionary?

Watch this             Do you agree? What is your definition of a missionary?


For Worship Music, you can listen to a few songs from Switchfoot:

After you have listened to these songs, ask yourself: Which one stands out to you?

quiet time + prayer

Quiet Times give us the opportunity to think about how our lives could be shaped by what God has been saying to us. This can include Bible Reading, Praying or re-reading your notes from the Talks.

If you would like to read the Bible, follow along by reading from Acts 12:1-24.

Read through this passage and try to answer the following questions in your notebook:

  1. Summarise what you read in five dot points.

  2. What stands out to you?

  3. What questions do you have?

  4. What could you do in your life if this was true?


At the end of Quiet Time, it’s always good to end in prayer. This prayer is often by ourselves, but given this is a camp, we will put together parts of our prayers.


Follow this link to a JamBoard. Post a prayer that you would like to contribute.

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