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Welcome to CMS Victoria’s annual conference Summer Under the Son (SUTS) 2022 and welcome to the website with all the information you’ll need to enjoy SUTS+ on demand content.

How to navigate the website

Along the top, you will notice different tabs: Home, SUTS+ On Demand, SUTS Kids and more.

All the information you need corresponds to each day of the conference, so you can watch it easily at your leisure. If you wish to follow along with the in-person schedule, the timetable is below. Make sure you check out our online bonus content too! Our SUTS Kids page has a range of short video teachings and activities for parents to do at home together.


We’d love our SUTS+ content to be a chance for you to take time out and go deeper in God's word with CMS, be encouraged by our missionaries and be challenged to continue to pray, care, give and go as part of the Church Missionary Society’s community.


Please connect with us via our SUTS Community Facebook group and share what you're enjoying, your SUTS+ highlights and how God is encouraging you.

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Sharing God’s story through stained glass windows


Every day visitors from around the world come into St Paul's cathedral and look at the windows.
Every window tells a Bible story… could you become a storyteller?


Evensong 6 March 2022 |  4pm

Each year the CMS community comes together at St Paul’s Cathedral to celebrate God's work in his world.

This year we'll hear how he has been at work in the Window Storytelling Ministry, and spend time praying for that those who come to Melbourne would hear the good news of Jesus and come to follow him. Please join us!


Bonus Content

Click on the button below to view SUTS+ bonus content, including an exclusive talk from Peter Rodgers, a Zoom call with Wendy Quay, and videos of missionaries on location.



Book recommendations

Greensborough Christian Book Centre has been a proud supporter of SUTS for many years. They have a large list of books that they recommend for SUTS this year.

Major book recommendation

Being the Bad Guys - Australian Christian Book of the Year.
How do we ensure that the secular worldview does not entice us away with its constant barrage of messages about self-determinism?