Get ready for SUTS 2023!

19 - 21 January 2023

Syndal Baptist Church, Glen Waverley


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Wei-Han says, ‘The safest road is the one the Lord sets us upon.’ This is the Road Less Travelled—a life of mission-minded obedience to Jesus Christ.

Join us in January 2023! We have lined up four fantastic speakers for our Bible talks. Wei-Han, Claire, Michelle and Michael will speak on The Road Less Travelled, teaching from God’s Word and reflecting on their cross-cultural experiences.

Richard Shumack will help us better understand Islam for the sake of our gospel mission. Peter Sholl, the new International Director of CMS Australia, will also join us.

Six great speakers—six great reasons to join us for SUTS 2023.

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Let’s get excited! At SUTS 2023, we will begin our journey on the Road Less Travelled together!

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Meet The Speakers


Richard Shumack

Richard lives in Sydney with his wife Judy and their four adult boys where they assist in the ministry at Springwood Presbyterian Church. Richard lived and worked for many years in Muslim communities where he developed his passion for helping Christians and Muslims speak constructively about faith and who Jesus is. Richards is Director for the Centre for the Study of Islam and Other Faiths at Melbourne School of Theology. His research specialty is philosophy of religion – with a sideline interest in the ethics of sport. This is because he also loves football, cycling and loves and hates golf.


Peter Sholl

Peter Sholl is the newly appointed International Director for CMS Australia and has been involved in CMS for over 20 years. He spent 12 years as a mission worker based in Mexico with his wife Sarah and three children and has worked as a regional mission director with the organisation since 2021.


Leonardo De Chirico

Leonardo De Chirico is the pastor of Breccia di Roma, a church that he helped plant in Rome in 2009. He is a lecturer of Historical Theology at Istituto di Formazione Evangelica e Documentazione in Padova, Italy. Additionally, Leonardo is the Director of the Reformanda Initiative, which aims to equip evangelical leaders to better understand and engage with Roman Catholicism, and the leader of the Rome Scholars & Leaders Network (RSLN).


Michelle Jackson

Missions in a highly secular, hyper-productivity-focused country like Japan has its challenges! The Jacksons were a CMS missionary family living in Kobe, Japan. For 13 years, Michelle focused on Bible teaching and evangelism with women, youth and children.


Wei-Han Kuan

Wei-Han is the Executive Director of CMS Victoria. With an academic research interest in evangelical history, Wei-Han is convinced that vital spirituality and complete obedience to Christ are the secret sauce to global cross-cultural mission.


Claire Livingstone

Claire is part of CMS Australia’s Development and Training Team based at St Andrew’s Hall. She trains our missionaries! Claire and Andrew previously lived as long-term cross-cultural workers in Switzerland with CMS.Their focus was on French-speaking and international student ministry.


Michael Collie

Michael, National Director of SparkLit, is passionate about raising up and resourcing Christian writers around the world. The Collies spent 16 years in Argentina with CMS, during which he worked to resource ABUA’s publishing ministry. Michael serves on our Branch Candidates Committee helping encourage and select missionaries for CMS Victoria.